Ultimate Tour

Ultimate Tour

For those who want something more difficult than what’s offered by our FUN Tour, we challenge you to our ULTIMATE ATV TOUR - a technically demanding tour that will push your skills and adrenaline levels over 32km of intense and varying off-road terrain.

On the ULTIMATE TOUR you are set to face greater obstacles, the rocks will be bigger, the climbs will be steeper, the ruts deeper, in short - your skills will be tested! You are going to be rewarded with even more epic views from high up the hillside, and even more kinds of trails to enjoy. As this tour places greater strain on the vehicles, we have to charge more for this tour in order to keep our ATVs in perfect shape.

The ULTIMATE TOUR is aimed at riders with some off-roading experience so the speed is faster, and the intensity greater. Those who have a driving or motorbike licence but no ATV experience are welcome to join, although you must be ready for a challenge! Because our trails are off-road there is no requirement to have a licence, and so you will not be asked to show yours.

Due to the nature of the course our Fun Buggies are not able to go on this course, the tracks are often too narrow or the bends too sharp. This is a difficult course which isn’t a race, your safety is what matters most to us. Despite the difficulty level, the Tour is still really safe, provided you stick to our guidelines, and it is indeed total awesomeness! You will leave the concrete jungle Pattaya City miles behind, getting out into the beautiful countryside to experience the true beauty of Thailand - blazing along trails into a totally different world.

On your return you are bound to be hungry! Grab a well-deserved shower and enjoy a delicious complimentary meal of super-size deluxe Chicken, Beef, or Vegetable Burger, Fries, and Salad, complete with a Fruit Platter and Soft Drinks on free flow.

Right….who’s down with our Ultimate ATV mud-defying adventure Tour? After our ULTIMATE ATV TOUR, you are sure to end the day with a ‘that was awesome’ feeling, with a true sense of satisfaction and achievement.

UlTIMATE ATV TOUR - Itinerary for the challenging 32km course!

  • 10 mins. - Welcome / Get the gear on / Safety brief
  • 10 mins. - Drive-Training Session at our own Banana Plantation training course.
  • 120 mins. - 28KM of FUN ATV Touring which takes most riders around 2 hours, the journey includes refreshment stops which provide the opportunity for photos and to soak up the atmosphere of the wonderful Thai countryside.
  • 40 mins. - Relax and enjoy a post-tour meal with Deluxe Burgers, Fries and Salad. Plus we have fully-equipped changing rooms to help you get cleaned up.



The price includes:

  • Helmet
  • MX shirt
  • gloves
  • goggles
  • expert guides
  • fuel
  • minibus transfers
  • cold drinks
  • tropical fruit
  • post-tour meal
  • changing rooms
  • showers
  • fresh towels
  • and lockers