Vip Private Tour

Vip Private Tour

For all ATV tours we take no more than 10 riders per guided group. For the entire ride along the stunning off-road trails we stay in convoy, with each party headed by a professional ATV tour leader / instructor, and followed by a mechanic.

We cater for parties of more than 10 people who want to ride together as a single group, in this case we will add more guides and additional mechanics to the group.

Large groups needn’t apply for VIP private tour upgrades as this is appropriate for couples seeking a romantic ride, or small groups of friends and family who want to stick together.

As VIP Tours are private, they only include you and your nearest and dearest (or just your mates!) the great thing about this is that you have extra freedom to customise your tour. You could request to pause for a moment to redo a section you loved. You might feel like getting in an extra photo stop or refreshment break, to relax and enjoy the scenery, ask some questions about the local area, or maybe you want to zip through a tour with no stopping at all along the way. Whatever you decide, the guide will be all yours to offer assistance on difficult sections, answer your questions, and offer you tips. Whatever you feel like just ask and we always do our upmost to grant your wishes.

Both FUN and ULTIMATE TOURS can be upgraded to VIP PRIVATE TOURS for an additional 3,000 baht per group. The surcharge can be split between the members of the group as it’s not per person.