Team Building

Team Building

Looking for a team building that excites, unites and inspires your staff? Look no further than ATV Pattaya. Our program has your staff cooperating, and sharing an adrenaline-fuelled experience out in the wilderness that will help them forget about their disagreements and foster a sense of goodwill and achievement which is so important in the workplace.

Shared riding experience, facing obstacles and getting to the end together, boosts communication and mutual respect; forming the bonds that turn colleagues into comrades, and returning to work more effective collaborators.

The Team Building Tour is the perfect for introduction for new teams of staff, that will have them bonding right from the get go, and equally valuable as a ‘refresher’ to boost morale amongst employees with a fun-packed day out, sure to bring them closer together as a team.

As we know from the feedback your staff will be delighted to experience team building that stands out from the usual, with ATV Pattaya you’ll get the result you wanted while so much fun is to be had. For employees it’s a break from the norm, they express their enthusiasm at doing such original, engaging, and enjoyable team building. While employers never fail to be satisfied at seeing their staff laughing and bonding at the post-ride meal, chatting and joking about how they overcome the obstacles that the off-road experience put in their path.

The trails require riders and passengers to help each other out along the way. The long off-road track has 3 breaks for photo ops / refreshment, at each stop the rider and passengers must swap roles, we also ask them to change partners from other ATVs to further promote the intermingling of the group. This way friends can’t stick together all day, people are forced to get to know those they usually don’t connect with, forging a stronger overall team from the group.

When the riders return from the tour they can take a shower and unwind in our beautiful Thai garden. Then it’s time to tuck into one of the delicious meal options.

We have the capacity for up to 50 people in a party per ATV tour, that’s 25 riders & 25 passengers. Don’t worry! - you can swap roles during any of the water breaks or photo stop opportunities.

The final thing is to make your mind up between the FUN or ULTIMATE ATV TOUR tracks. Are you looking to enjoy an easier ride to build up your skills and experience, or is your group ready to push your skills on a challenging route? It’s your call...

We offer the following special promotions for group Team Building tours:

  • 15% discount for groups of at least 12 ATV riders
  • 3 GoPro Helmet Cams per group so you can capture HD video and take it home at no extra cost on provided SD cards.
  • Dynamic shots from our own action photographer
  • Free T-shirts for all group members courtesy of ATV Pattaya.

Upgrading the deluxe burger meal to the extra-special BBQ Bonanza can be done at a surcharge of only 250 THB per head, bringing you an amazing array of delights including Texan Pork Ribs, Beef Burgers, Wings, Teriyaki Pork Chops, Green Salads, Tuna Sweetcorn Pasta Salad, Crusty Bread Rolls with Butter, Fried Rice, Green Chicken Curry, spicy Prawn & Sea Bass Tom Yum Talay Soup.