Can someone explain what an ATV is?

ATV stands for All-Terrain Vehicle, often called Quad Bikes these are four-wheeled vehicles designed specifically with off-road journeying in mind. The rider sits and operates the vehicle similarly to on a motorcycle, but the extra pair of wheels provide a ride which is completely stable even at low speeds. ATVs are rider-friendly and when fitted with automatic gears are a joy for anyone to operate!   

What should I bring and what do I need to wear?

We ask you to wear clothes you are ready to get muddy in, footwear should be closed - so no flip-flops or open sandals. It’s advisable to bring sunscreen and you might want clean clothes to change into as showers will be available, we provide the towels and secure lockers. We stock ATV Pattaya shorts and T-Shirts if you forget to bring something or want to pick yourself up an awesome new outfit that you can buy here on site.

Will we be given safety wear and riding gear?

We provide all riders with a helmet, goggles, gloves, mask, ATV Adventures MX shirt.

Must I have a driving license to to go on a tour?

Off-road riding does not require any kind of licence and so it won’t be necessary to have or bring one.

How old do ATV riders or passengers need to be?

Passengers can join from the age of 5+ and riders must be a minimum of 15 years or older.

Do you have any kind of photo or video services?

We offer the world famous GoPro cameras that you can hire for amazing HD video that is yours to take home on SD card for just 1,000 baht!  

Does the price include hotel transfer?

It’s free for Pattaya and the surrounding area. And you’ll be glad to know all the prices shown are inclusive of all taxes - there are no ‘nasty’ hidden charges!

Can you make pickups from Bangkok, if so how long does the journey take?

Minibus (round-trip) pickups for up to 12 people from Bangkok can be arranged for an additional 2,500 baht. Traffic-depending, the journey takes around 1 hour 45 mins. each way.

Are any of the tours longer or shorter than your 2 hour ones?

Our long-running experience of running successful tours since has shown 2 hours to be just the right duration for enjoying the tour to the max, so we stick to what works best.   

Does rain mean the tour will be cancelled?

No Chance! Warm rain in a tropical climate adds to the fun, we even cool off with a visit to a spectacular waterfall.

What  time of year is best for an ATV adventure?

Riding is an awesome activity year-round! We don’t have the water obstacles during the dry season but on the plus side the condition of the trails means we get to venture further up the hillside. Rainy season brings water obstacles galore and a great little waterfall to visit, but the extreme rutting of the track means we might not get right to the top of the hillside.

Do online bookings require a deposit?

Yes, for online bookings full payment or a deposit is a requirement. Those who are not able to make a payment online have the option of calling the hotline (080 560 8811) then, if places are available, a member of the marketing team can meet you for the collection a cash deposit in Pattaya.   

Can we get a discount please?

If you book and fully pay the total price online you can take advantage of our promotional discount of 10%. Groups of 13 or more riders are also eligible for a special discounts - check the Group Tours page to find further information. Prices are non-negotiable, we always offer you the best possible deals.

Can we use credit card to pay for our tour when we arrive?

Only cash payments can be accepted at the ATV base, there is no card-reading POS device.

What if this is my first time riding an ATV / Buggy?

The FUN ATV TOUR doesn’t require previous experience, in fact, we welcome beginners. You are sure to get the hang of riding our driver-friendly automatic vehicles, in minutes. Only those who wish to join the ULTIMATE ATV TOUR should have some riding experience.

How much do ATV Pattaya Tours cost?

The price depends on the tour you go for, all pricing is information can be found on the website.

Is ‘ATV Tours Pattaya Jungle Adventures’ the same company as ‘ATV Pattaya’?

Yes, ATV Pattaya is a shorter, simpler, name we adopted as part of our rebranding when we improved our tours in 2017, after 11 years of successful tours under the previous name.  

When is ATV Pattaya open?

The opening hours are between 8:30 am - 6:30 pm every day, tour times are fixed and can been seen on the website, booking in advance is a requirement.

What about if the ATV gets damaged in an accident during the tour?

The ATVs are all really safe to operate, especially when you follow our safety briefing - even so, accidents are still a possibility. Drivers are liable for damaged parts and must pay in full for any replacements, such as broken plastic, lights, handlebars, etc. We have a fair damage policy with no ‘markup’ on prices from the official manufacturers’ website and no additional charges.You will not be asked to pay for mechanical issues. Your vehicle will be replaced with that of the support guide so the tour will not have to be stopped.  

Why are customers charged for breaking ATV parts in an accident?

Our system encourages respect and promotes safety. Firstly, we would be forced to significantly increase the tour price to cover ourselves for damages, this would impact customer satisfaction. Secondly, it would encourage reckless driving if people knew they were not responsible for their vehicles, this would not only be a threat to our expenses, but also driver safety.

What is the cancellation policy?

  • Reservation of any awesome tour requires full payment or a 20% deposit of the total cost when the booking is made.
  • Cancellation 14 days or more prior to the tour incurs an administration fee 50% of their deposit, and 10% of tour cost for those who have already paid in full. The remaining refund can be transferred to a new booking or returned to customers.  
  • For cancellations 2-13 days in prior to the tour deposits will not be refunded, however, 80% of total cost will be refunded to those who have already paid in full.
  • Last-minute cancellations (48 hours or less), and no shows, will not be eligible for any refund.
  • In the rare event that we are forced to cancel any booking, full refunds are issued..

Where are you based?

Our location is approximately a 20-minutes to the East of Pattaya. This clickable link to Google Maps shows our precise location:

How do I drive to you from Pattaya?

We have provided a Google Map of our precise location in the ‘contact us’ section of this website, kindly take a look at this first.

For the simplest route from Pattaya, take Highway 7 off Sukhumvit Road for 8.7km until the exit for Highway 36. Exit motorway 7 along the Highway 36 exit (for Rayong), drive for 2km on Highway 36 until the 2nd U-Turn, make the U-Turn then exit the highway at the bridge on road 3240. After 1.6 km turn left when you see the Benwadee Resort sign. 1 km down this road until our ATV Pattaya sign, take a left and we are only 100 m away on the left side.  

How do I drive to you from Bangkok?

We have provided a Google Map of our precise location in the ‘contact us’ section of this website, kindly take a look at this first. To reach us take the Highway 7 towards Pattaya, about 9 km before Sukhumvit road there is an exit signposted for Highway 36, exit and join Highway 36 to Rayong, follow highway 36 for 2km on until the 2nd U-Turn, make the U-Turn then exit the highway at the bridge on road 3240. After 1.6 km turn left when you see the Benwadee Resort sign. 1 km down this road until our ATV Pattaya sign, take a left and we are only 100 m away on the left side.  

ATV Pattaya