The Atv Buggy Fleet

The Atv Buggy Fleet

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and we can say the same for our fleet of exceptional vehicles. The variety of styles in our CF Moto / Polaris quad bike or Fun Buggy Kart collections ensures that we have the perfect ride for people of different skill levels, heights, and weights. A vehicle that’s just right for you will be all set up and waiting impatiently for you to arrive! You only need to get your gear on, be briefed on safety, and then the ATVs will be allocated. After receiving guidance and tuition you will get in some practice laps, then set out on the epic road of your ATV adventure!

Polaris 330cc Trail Boss

16 x 330cc Polaris ATV Trail Boss Quads - Awesome ATVs make the perfect ride for those below 85kg with effortless handling and beautifully smooth ride.

Polaris Sportsman 450cc

12 x ATV 450cc Polaris Sportsmen - These monsters have what it takes for larger riders - 85 kg or more.

CF Moto 450cc

8 x 450cc CF Moto ATS - Large, two-seater ATVs ideal for people riding with fully-grown passengers.

CF Moto Fun Buggy Jungle Karts

Our awesome collection of 5 Fun Buggy Karts in a variety of styles means there’s always a perfect match for all types of rider.